Scholars Cai Yingwen iron heart against the mainland Waiting to be hit in the face

Scholars: Cai Yingwen iron heart against the mainland? Waiting to be hit in the face from last week’s open letter to the DPP claims to "resist Chinese pressure", to accept foreign media interviews, advocating yield pressure, in the eyes of the media, Cai Yingwen eat steeled her. "I’m afraid Cai Yingwen capricious, narrower", "Chinese times" said Cai Yingwen to force anti China pressure, ask her what to use to resist? With the standard presentation? Courage to play hard rush, it used to feel good, or deceive green voters can also be used with the mainland, really against, only waiting to be hit in the face. "The same little English, unrest in Taiwan," National Taiwan University political science professor Zhang Yazhong on this topic 7, wrote that Cai Yingwen’s attitude and position clear, she is not in the "double ten celebration" when the two sides discussed the adjustment of her time in the future, not short, can not be adjusted in her "5· 20" conversation tone. Cai Yingwen’s interview not only reflects her misreading of the situation, the response to the current situation on both sides of the Strait, but also for emotional appeal rather than rational judgment. Cai Yingwen’s thinking is problematic, because Beijing’s attitude is changing because of the increasingly clear expression of Cai Yingwen will not accept the 92 consensus". Wang Kunyi, honorary director of the Taiwan Institute of strategic studies, said more than 4 months in office, Mr Cai Yingwen’s popularity has fallen below the death of the cross of 50%". In order to prevent the popularity continues to fall, in order to prevent the "Taiwan independence" big pressure, Cai chose "anti force Chinese" route, select from the middle to the dark side, also shows that she is no longer expected to Chinese. But for Cai Yingwen, but when I, Taiwan to resist, I am afraid that only a pipe dream. (Hu Youzhong & Li Junfeng, Qu Xiangyu)相关的主题文章: