Seven Yue color 16106th forecast a cold continued – Sohu 3344111

Forecast seven lottery 16106th period: a continuous analysis of Sohu – a cold region: on the issue number, the prediction of District 1 out of 1 numbers. Two: Analysis on the issue number 1213, forecast period to District 2 out of 2 numbers. Three: Analysis on the issue number 2425262829, forecast period to District 3 out of 4 numbers. Parity analysis: on period patterns for 3 odd 4 pairs, in the period of parity, in an even number, recommended attention form 3 odd 4 pairs. Size analysis: the period of form 5 big 2 small, the decimal value, recommended attention form 3 big and 4 small. Qualitative analysis: the morphology of 2 5, this period value number number, recommended attention form 3 matter 4. And value analysis: the period and the value is 157, the forecast period and value increased, recommended attention interval 155-165. In particular, analysis: special number out of nearly 5 07-09-01-19-07, the odd number is dominant, the Lord even number, recommended attention 20. Recommendation 04061019212627: danma.相关的主题文章: