Shanxi, a private high school teachers do not shunt questioned cited mmc.exe

Shanxi, a private middle school split public teachers questioned cited Beijing – beginning in late October, Shuozhou II has dozens of public identity, career preparation of teachers, have to reflect the school and the local education department, asked the school to practice the Education Department of Shanxi province file spirit, which belongs to the Shuozhou II sequence from private. Diverted to public schools. These teachers are worried that continue to stay in Shuozhou II, the cause of the preparation will not be retained, pension and pension insurance are not guaranteed. In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, Shuozhou second President Jiang Gong commitment, regardless of whether the diversion, public teachers will continue to retain the identity of the school will pay for social security and other expenses. Over half of the teachers have a public identity beginning in late October, the Shanxi province Shuozhou City Second Middle School (hereinafter referred to as Shuozhou II) every day there are several teachers "post", and then by other class teachers. The second day, the teacher and the normal return to school, so the cycle. This rule behind, is the second public teachers in Shuozhou to remind the school, as soon as possible to solve the problem of this part of the teacher’s identity concerns. These teachers have their career preparation, or transferred from other schools, or their own candidates, in the past 14 years have joined this high school. Public data shows, Shuozhou II was founded in 2002, the Department of a public office to help schools, the existing high school teaching 114 classes, more than 7800 students, more than 440 full-time teachers. Although the nature of private, Shuozhou II, but there are a large number of teachers with career development. The school personnel department staff member surnamed Wang told the Beijing News reporter, Shuozhou is the second city of Shuozhou only has administrative career preparation assisted high school". According to more than teachers in Shuozhou statistics, the school has a public identity of teachers, accounting for about half of the total, more than 200 people. And this figure has been recognized by the school. The school did not ask for the introduction of a policy of teacher triage issued by the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education issued a document, stirring the nerves of public teachers in Shuozhou ii. Beijing News reporter saw, the document entitled "clean up the norms of private enterprises do (help) to learn about the work of the notice, stamped with the official seal of the Shanxi Provincial Department of education. The document clearly stated, in 2-3 years will gradually withdraw from the private school teachers to come back to public schools." Make these public teachers nervous, is another expression of the paper: "the intention to continue to stay in the private school teachers in public, according to my wishes, give up the public identity of teachers in private schools teach." Beijing News reporter noted that the Shanxi Provincial Department of education in this document, the Shuozhou II named. Shanxi Provincial Department of Education Division of basic education, a staff member told the Beijing News reporter confirmed that the documents issued by the Ministry in October 12, 2015, with the administrative efficiency. Shuozhou, more than two public teachers, said the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education issued a full year of the above documents, the school has not yet introduced triage policy. They worry that, in accordance with the progress of the work in the "deadline" come, if it is not properly placed, they Yu相关的主题文章: