Sixty old man craving toilet smoking forced to stop Shanghai to Chengdu EMU – Beijing seaway

Sixty old man forced to stop smoking craving toilet Shanghai to Chengdu train – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network September 27th news (Wu Zhengqi reporter Dai Luling) recently, the Chengdu railway police in the D353 train they take on, according to the smoke alarm quickly seized a smoking people, timely elimination of security risks in the operation of high speed emu. In September 22nd 16 PM, ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station to Chengdu east railway station D353 train running in Chongqing railway, the driver suddenly found the car 9, smoke alarm, immediately through the walkie talkie to inform the train staff and guard, and the train stop. The car with the car, the train conductor in conjunction with the police rushed to the No. 9 car mechanic, the car parts were examined individually, finally in the bathroom Danghuo the illegal suspects are smoking Lee (male, 63 years old, Chongqing, a pseudonym). After investigation, the original over sixty years, Lee is a senior smokers, have smoked for forty years, the amount of smoke daily in more than one package. In September 22nd, he EMU train ride from Shanghai to Chongqing, on the road, smoking prohibition to cravings he made difficult, after repeated struggles and constantly tangled, Lee still hold fluky psychology into the bathroom, who knows just point the cigarettes suck, the train is stopped. Then the marshals and train staff to find myself. According to the railway safety management regulations seventy-seventh, the provisions of article ninety-fifth, Lee was handed over to the station police station, and gave a penalty for public security. Chengdu railway police suggested that the "eleven" golden week is approaching, a large number of passengers will take convenient train travel, and trains the whole area once the ban on smoking, smoking happens, light to cause train speed, while endangering traffic safety. In addition, according to the new provisions of the railway sector, smoking in the EMU train passengers punished by public security organs according to law, will be temporarily restricted to buy the train tickets emu. In order to facilitate the safety of every passenger travel, please do not smoke on EMU trains.相关的主题文章: