Sohu maternal and child interview Li Nanping lay a good foundation for the baby’s teeth health – mat

Sohu maternal and child interview with Li Nanping: for the baby to lay a good foundation for the health of the teeth – Sohu maternal and child in September 20th is the twenty-eighth national Love Teeth Day, this year the theme of Love Teeth Day, oral health, general health". In recent years, parents of children’s oral health more and more attention, can the data show that the rate gradually increased with age in the baby’s oral diseases, dental care concept for many parents is not correct, "baby tooth" has become a topic of concern to many parents. Sohu in the maternal love teeth day this year to the end of the interview, Bayi children’s hospital chief physician, Professor Li Nanping, to remind all parents and friends, immediate action to protect the baby teeth. Guests: Li Nanping, General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, affiliated Bayi children’s Hospital, children’s health clinic director, chief physician. The Chinese Medical Association of Pediatrics Committee branch of child care, premature optimization project expert committee member of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, China eugenics Association of child development of Specialized Committee. What is the teeth? Person’s life there are a total of two teeth, first deputy dentition is called primary dentition, is composed of 20 primary teeth arranged. From birth to 6 months or so adorable first deciduous teeth, to about 2 and a half out of 20 primary teeth adorable. From 6-7 to 12-13, and was gradually falling off of deciduous teeth replaced. Contact between the deciduous and permanent teeth: teeth to lay the foundation for permanent teeth. Difference: 1, different color. 2, the name of the permanent teeth crown than the short crown. 3, neck neck fine teeth than permanent teeth. 4 teeth, occlusal surface wear is serious and permanent teeth. The four critical stages of tooth growth: 1, the first 6 weeks of gestation: the tooth germ begins to grow. 2, 6 months: Adorable teeth out. 3, 2-3: 20 primary teeth grow completely. 4, 6-13 years old: for permanent teeth. A common problem, 1 adorable baby teeth out of order an adorable. In real life, often can find some children not to order, sometimes first out, sometimes first out below, or again appears next to the two. No matter how out, in fact, teeth have long been good, but the order is not the same. Encounter this order is not the same, there is no relationship. 2, to early or too late. Because of differences in geography, race, gender, level of nutrition and physical aspects of the baby teeth are not the same sooner or later. The baby began to 6-8 months from the earliest adorable baby teeth have started 4 months out of the tooth adorable child, late for 10-12 months adorable teeth start out. Generally speaking, the nutritional adequacy of the baby earlier than malnutrition baby teething; warm baby area is earlier than the cold area of baby teeth. Professor Li Nanping stressed that, if not yet 12 months baby teething, need to the Department of stomatology for treatment, to find the real reason of teething. What are the children’s dental problems? 1, dental caries. Dental caries in clinically divided into acute and chronic dental caries, caries and caries dry wet. Among them, the common acute caries of deciduous teeth caries, wet. One of the reasons for the dental caries is the physiological structure of the teeth.相关的主题文章: