South Korean developers with Google Translation thanks to Chinese players to stay adorable cute word y580

Performance of Korea developers using Google translate thanks China game player words adorable cute imitation mobile phone operation puzzle game "Replica" since July, the Steam store shelves, particularly good, welcome by the domestic game player. Its developer Somi is an independent game from South Korea, in order to thank the support of Chinese players, he issued a special announcement. Korean developers use Google translate to pass Somi to thank the game player thanks to reason is because the domestic game player support for "Replica", the statistical data on the Steamspy website, the "Replica" sold a total of about 46 thousand copies, of which 25% are domestic and internationally buy, ranked first, higher than the Somi of the home court of korea. Estimated Somi himself did not expect the domestic players will be so fond of his game. And that’s really important for an indie game developer. To this end, Somi specifically in the Steam community announcement to express their gratitude. South Korea game "replica" in the domestic popular "Replica" is a reflection of social privacy game. As a government employee, you have to break the suspect’s cell phone, looking for evidence of crime from his phone and text messages. Before the "Daily" column, we have recommended you to recommend the game, interested can learn more about the game player. The daily recommended Tour "copy" look at others to meet your mobile phone peeping (source: swim fast edit: not pleased) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: