Stay up late to work overtime should not be the standard of entrepreneurship sunny came home

Stay up late to work overtime should not be the standard business original title: stay up late to work overtime should not be the standard Author: Xia Zhenbin venture business is not easy, need to have a healthy attitude; work is important, but not all of life. In this journey, don’t hurry hurry and fling caution to the winds. There is such a "Dove" king of the circle of friends, he is not usually small "Dove" is the last time to the scene was fatigued with the journey. No way, people do poineering work! To meet, to work overtime, to talk about cooperation, seems to work 24 hours a day. A few days ago, he forwarded a message in the circle of friends – Dr. Zhang Rui, founder of the sudden death of rain on the eve of the company IPO. His forwarding brief and meaningful: heard this news, a sigh. In recent years, "two" has become one of the most popular greetings. As young people, especially after 90, if not a cause, simply embarrassed to greet people. In this group, many people are "overtime Wang", a workaholic, they use the hard way "to the death", and fatigue, tension, stress, anxiety and worry about capital market and user data, etc.. It is so in front of an interview in a sharp, he is very anxious, eat well, sleep well. Entrepreneurship in bitterness and helpless, no matter how the outside world of imagination and understanding, it would be difficult to identify; while they are at the cost of health under heavy, entrepreneurial innovation is bitter, the respect of the world. However, entrepreneurship is really not to work overtime, overwork fate? Now the business circle seems to have formed a "culture", is to fight to the bitter, want to work overtime and overtime. Generally speaking, in the initial stage are relatively hard, employees have to work overtime to complete the schedule, which are reasonable; but sometimes it is hard in myself, stay up late to work overtime, in order to show a "circle of friends in the morning of the four city"; put a "sleep in" photos then, wait for like-minded friends to point praise…… I do not know what time from the beginning, miserable, overwork into entrepreneurship "theme" does not seem a little sad is not hard, if not on the "best", I am sorry oneself; and the more miserable, hard, as if from the success of the more recent. As a friend said, at two or three in the morning a message sent out, see colleagues quickly reply feel special "air"; weekend back to the company to see a group of people to work overtime, the heart is very excited…… Some entrepreneurial team obsessed with this attitude and atmosphere, but fell into a series of overtime but inefficient cycle. From the social network, media reports to the film and television drama, we see the venture is often such a bitter scene. For business, they can’t work overtime, entertainment and leisure tourism, they do not have time to accompany the family, as if they are always frowning face, a variety of dishes, prematurely senile, ahead of the arrival of occupation disease…… Just like "feeling" hollowed out Tucao, "eighteen days without makeup, wear on the throw two and a half years" feeling hollowed out, I’m tired like a dog, the rest of disorder, I have more and more fat "…… Entrepreneurship is a long Wei相关的主题文章: