Taliban, the capital of Afghanistan and the Afghan army raid in the United States air strikes shdoclc.dll

Taliban provincial government and army assault on the Afghan air strikes in Afghanistan – Beijing Taliban militants in Afghanistan’s 8 attacked the capital of Uruzgan province in southern Tirin Kot, the occupation of many government agencies. Uruzgan province is the major area of perennial poppy in Afghanistan, rebels entrenched in there. The central government of Afghanistan that has sent air support Tirin kot. [raid] Uruzgan province government spokesman durst? Mohamed? Nayabu told the The Associated Press reporter, hundreds of Taliban militants to launch attacks on the city around Tirin Kot, all were captured or destroyed sentry. He fears that Taliban may soon take over the city and the provincial government has asked the central government for support. An unnamed police official told reporters that some Reuters, Uruzgan province government officials fled to Kurt Tilin airport, there is a base in the government. Director of the provincial police Wajs? SA Mihm said, a municipal government officials and Kurt Tilin Taliban private agreement, in exchange for life insurance to leave without a fight. Reuters reported that police officials accused some provincial government officials gave up Tirin kot. Afghan television showed footage of the Tirin Kot stores and pharmacies and other shops all closed, some people fled the city. [support] by Western media reports, informed of the situation in Afghanistan Tirin Kot, the central government has provided fire support to there. Director of the Kandaha provincial police station Abdel? Carvedilol has arrived in Tirin Kot, command against Taliban militants in there. Uruzgan provincial government spokesman Naab 8, later confirmed that the Afghan government and U.S. troops in Afghanistan has sent military aircraft to Taliban Kurt Tilin target air strikes, to force Taliban to evacuate the city. The Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Mohamed? Ladd Manish said that Taliban had been driven out Tirin Kot, the government to regain control of the police and intelligence headquarters. Afghan President Ashe’s spokesman Shah, Ralph?? Hossain? Moore Tazhawei said: "Uruzgan would not become a safe haven for terrorists." [security] worry Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan, is the major area of Afghan poppy. Taliban’s armed forces and many of the warlords are targeting the lucrative drug profits, and it is believed that a significant portion of Taliban’s operating capital comes from drug production and trade. In December 2013, the Australian troops stationed in Uruzgan handed over to Afghan security forces, security defense. U.S. troops in Afghanistan confirmed that there is no military adviser to the United Arab army stationed in the province. According to the The Associated Press’s statement, Tirin Kot is the third recent seat facing the capital city of Taliban threat, the other two are the city in northern Kunduz province and southern Helmand Province, capital of Kunduz, Lashkar gah. In September last year, after the occupation of Taliban by Kunduz, the Afghan government forces in the United States under the special forces and fighters, it took two weeks to regain control. Kunduz was the first capital city to be occupied by Taliban after the 2001 war in afghanistan. (DU)相关的主题文章: