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Tea sister holding the baby was Tucao, the problem lies in the original two days ago here – Sohu maternal netizen exposure tea sister baby photos, many people praised her more and more beautiful, a bit like a mother, sister look is completely. There are still some users to focus on the position of her child, she said she would not hold a child, usually do not take a baby. Only by holding a child’s position to judge a mother is not qualified, with the child is not too extreme, a little Tucao and Tucao suspects. But the baby is also a technical job indeed, if not good posture parents apprehension, children are also uncomfortable. There are two kinds of cross holding and upright posture, a holding baby depends on the status of the general holding baby posture, the yard of the baby can only cross hold, such as 3 months after the baby or head has a certain supporting force after you can try to upright, no matter what kind of posture, the key lies in the stable. Put the baby up in bed with back, neck, head of the left hand to hold the baby, his right hand holding his small buttocks and waist. When will the baby’s head lying on the left arms, elbows to protect a baby’s head, left wrist and hand back and waist, right arm stretched from the baby body protect a baby’s leg, right hand holding the baby’s buttocks and waist, which is more commonly used posture. Upright adults chest out, hold back the baby, the baby left hand chest, right hand holding the baby knees, this method can let the baby in the field to see more at the same time, hold to communicate with him, can promote children’s brain development, but this posture for relatively long home tired. Note do not lay a hand on the buttocks, sitting in this hold, will increase the baby spinal pressure, development is not good for the neck and trunk muscles. Another common upright posture is to let the baby lying on the shoulders of adults, adults hold the nape of his neck, reduce spinal support. Within 3 months of the baby, no matter what kind of posture, the parents must remember the hand holding his head, giving him a support force, so the baby can hold your little head only need to gently hold it, play a supporting role. Two, hold the baby to pay attention to these things 1 ready. Before the baby, mom to wash your hands, take off the ring and other decorations, in order to avoid injury to the baby, then wash with cold water and warm hand hold. 2 don’t hold the baby. Many people like to hold the baby rocking back and forth, which easily lead to cerebral capillary bleeding, which is shaking syndrome. Light restlessness, severe burnout; movement disorder, difficulty breathing, paralysis, blindness, slow reaction, in a trance, convulsions, coma, that grew up growth retardation, mental retardation; result of severe intracranial hematoma and died. 3 do not hold the baby to sleep. Some children do not sleep without holding, but the baby’s sleep habits rely on the day after tomorrow, always holding the baby to sleep is not conducive to the formation of habits. Can the baby to eat and let him play for a while, then give him some language tips, such as "baby we’re ready to sleep, although the baby may not speak, but mother this suggestion is also very important. Pictures from the network stream Du相关的主题文章: