Ten years, don’t forget the beginning of the heart! The third generation F3 D3100. xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Ten years and don’t forget the beginning of the heart! The third generation F3 D3100. F3 has been listed since 2005, with a stylish appearance, high price and let more Chinese round dream car, over the years not only stable market performance, but also for many joint venture brands under pressure, a generation of classic national sedan. As domestic consumers are on a compact sedan more demanding, recently launched the third generation of F3, with brand-new appearance, rich configuration and stable quality of gorgeous. So, where is the third generation of F3? Can again Mozhun consumer momen, let us look at! Design of new   only for the younger you at the auto main consumer market is 80, 90, a large number of young owners including their car, not only to the identity of transport, is also a kind of fashionable plaything, the appearance of the requirements are more picky. Three continuation of the classic F3 model of the third generation of a new look, with a stylish appearance without losing movement. In interior design, the third generation F3 also create new styles. In the dark, light color as a supplement, with the depth, complement each other. Its layout is clear and reasonable, the control function of each button on the panel is also handy, cross type air outlet of the more fashionable, the entire interior style fashion I also add some texture, open up is also very feel. The roof is also equipped with a double dual-mode electric sunroof, and light to the cashmere material covered the main passenger seat and mirror, to facilitate any arrangement of makeup, not more intimate. In addition to the appearance of fashion sports, now the user is also very particular about the car ride experience. The upgrade of the third generation of F3 in the space for a substantial expansion, whether it is riding or carrying things have a better performance! A higher safety factor   only insecure you in order to ensure the safety of passengers and owners, the third generation of F3 security configuration is everything, at least you can get in a tight complex city life, more a sense of security! The third generation F3 is the new LED daytime driving lights and fog lights, not only increase the highlight for the appearance of the body, but also for the foggy haze weather driving added a safety line. At the same time, the new right front imaging system also allows drivers a bit more calm. This configuration is not common in the same level models, but the novice driving really is of great help to the old driver is a tiger with wings added. With the implementation of two-child policy, travel safety has become a priority among priorities of children. In order to better protect the safety of the family travel to the child care, the third generation of F3 is also equipped with a IOS-FIX child seat fixtures. On this basis, the ESP system with models are also equipped with the same level vehicle rare, intelligent automatic coordination body, stable body state, make driving more smoothly, driving safety. Rich configuration   intelligent life at your fingertips in addition to security upgrades, intelligent configuration of the third generation of F3 is also quite good. Some of the configuration on the tall, for example the Keyless key system, the other car over $60 thousand with, and the third generation F3 is the standard, very close to the people. High definition capacitive touch screen, NAVI:相关的主题文章: