The British media UK will show the first Chinese airshow to shock debut – Sohu Military Channel seaway

British media: British red arrow " " Chinese will show the first airshow to shock debut – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on September 30th: British media said the aerobatics team in today’s world renowned British Royal Air Force red arrow September 29th fly to Chinese. Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on September 30th, this is the first time to Chinese performances, but also to the British withdraw from the EU referendum after the promotion of Britain’s best "is one of the projects. The red arrows will attend will be held in Zhuhai International Exhibition Center from November 1st to 6, the Eleventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition Chinese. The trip to the Far East for 60 days, in addition to Chinese outside, will also visit India, Malaysia and Singapore 14 countries, it is the most important Chinese access destination, it will make the 8-10 show at the Zhuhai air show. The performance team will be on the way to China to do 44 stops, first flew over Jordan Amman, and in the United Arab Emirates Formula One racing show. The British Royal Air Force Commander Stephen? Hillier said: "the UK’s iconic brands." He said: "although we began planning the trip as early as the British referendum to withdraw from the EU, but now is also an opportunity to show that the United Kingdom is still a global influence and power of the great powers." He said: "the red arrow is the pride of the Royal Air Force, British pride, the show also show the British people quality opportunity."相关的主题文章: