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The central environmental protection inspector "smitten" which signals pass? Beijing – Xinhua news agency, Hohhot August 29th new media news: the central environmental protection inspector "smitten" which signals pass? Xinhua news agency, "China Internet" reporter Xia Juntao Ping Wu Peng source Huiying recently, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate inspectors carried out in the field of Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia 8 provinces come to an end. This is the implementation of the new environmental law since the first large-scale environmental inspectors "heavy attack". So, the effect of environmental inspectors? Inspectors can really promote process of iron pollution? Environmental inspectors pass what signals? "China Internet" reporter for you to uncover the mystery. "Environmental protection storm swept in July 2015, the central deep restructuring passed" environmental protection inspector program (Trial) ", clearly pointed out to highlight environmental issues and major environmental accidents, environmental protection responsibility to implement ineffective place as the advanced object inspector. At the same time, the environmental protection scheme is put forward for the first time the party with responsibility of a pair of ", which means that the local Party committee and government will be an important basis to accept supervision, appointment as inspector the evaluation of leading cadres of the. Once the program is clear, inspectors work quickly follow up. In January 2016, the central environmental protection inspector pilot launched in Hebei, just 1 months in time, is the largest source of accountability. Report concluded 31 batch of 2856 environmental problems, shutting down illegal enterprises 200, administrative detention of 123 people, interviewed 65 people, criticized 60 people, 366 people of accountability. And 26 provincial leaders conducted a separate conversation, including the provincial Party Secretary and governor. But the inspector of Hebei is just on the eve of pollution storm, in mid July, the first batch of Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate "flower" in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia 8 provinces, a large scale and high strength "environmental protection storm" really swept. According to statistics, there are over 100 people due to environmental pollution and ecological damage by criminal detention, 8 provinces in total fines or 100 million yuan; 8 provinces party and government departments more than 2 thousand people were accountable, most were given disciplinary sanctions. Among them, in recent years, "Tengger Desert pollution" "Datang Duolun coal chemical sewage and other events for the media attention the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, groups of inspectors accumulated to the local turn to do the 29 batches of a total of 1683 people to report problems. The types of problems are mainly concentrated in the industrial enterprise environment for exploitation of mineral resources, destruction of the ecological environment, destruction of forest land and grassland, garbage clean-up is not timely and barbecue cooking fume noise etc.. The reporter understands, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate stationed around, in addition to individual and provincial leaders talk, clues and loopholes, the local environmental protection work thorough counties and verification of evidence, also opened the phone, mail acceptance report. A conservation worker said, the central environmental inspectors face the problem of "smitten", sounded the alarm for the local government. The inspectors work greatly enhanced, the impact of the level and scope, authority is sufficient for the formation of local Party committees and governments.相关的主题文章: