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The high value of 7 yen 10 tens of thousands of hardcore off-road SUV can also auto – Sohu cook even harder to do a dish, it also can’t let all passengers eat satisfied, so there is a word called "Tastes differ all tastes". In fact, do the car is such a situation, there is no car to meet the needs of all people, so different cars will have their own characteristics. The major brands of SUV although it has certain homogeneity, but the study still can find their own characteristics, have high value, Yan strong power and power off-road and high force lattice. Today, the professor took a look at the inventory of the various fields who is who, after reading the message to the audience to express their views! Yan value responsibility: the GAC trumpchi GS8 guidance price: 16.38-25.98 million professorsrecognize GS8 is the independent brand value Yan play, not only because of its beautiful appearance design, but because of the large size, such as the GS8 line of tough domineering SUV, independent brand is not much, so GS8 has been regarded as the independent brand SUV is inside. Milepost type products. Is to introduce the GS8 appearance, the front face of the banner chrome grille, make the front look wider, the headlight is a bright spot, the LED light source with unique style, GS8 lights, more tough temperament. Side can see the suspension design of the roof, the rear is full, heavy. The overall appearance of the atmosphere without losing the sense of fashion, GS8 design is successful. The interior material kind, exquisite workmanship, the console mainly uses the slush material, the central is mixed with wood trim, the overall work has reached the level of joint venture vehicle materials. The configuration is not ambiguous, panoramic images, skylights, commonly used multimedia functions are readily available. Power, GS8 are all equipped with a 2.0T engine plus 6AT manual gearbox, maximum power of 201Ps. Dynamic performance is not amazing, but can be satisfied, the car did not open up a little meat, mature 6AT shift smooth, logical and reasonable, there is nothing picky. The chassis of the texture is very solid and stable, the obvious European car style, very appropriate handling of bumps. Overall, in addition to the tuning of the power system needs to be improved, the GS8 driving is very good. Power play: SAIC Roewe -RX5 price: 9.98-18.68 million Roewe RX5 listed first selling point is the Internet car, but after the professor knows this car, but is more interested in his power system, 2.0T engine, 6 speed dual clutch gearbox collocation, the most powerful 220Ps, one hundred kilometers acceleration time of 8.08 seconds for this, an independent brand SUV is already a very good performance of power. So, the professor chose RX5 as a driving force to play. Of course, RX5 is definitely not the appearance of more brave than wise fool, has many merits, such as family style chrome grille, headlights and grille integrated front design style, make RX5 look full of fashion sense. And the whole line is collected?相关的主题文章: