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The movie "magic" on War Within Three Kingdoms?   the incarnation of Ekin Cheng "generals" first kill Warlords – Fashion – by Hong Leong pictures produced the movie hero fantasy "War Within Three Kingdoms? Illusion" official starting in October 12th in Hangzhou Xixi paradise. Ekin Cheng, Qing Jia, Yu Rongguang, joined Michael Tse, Lin Xiaofeng, Lu, Wang Zheng and other famous actor strength, let people expect bursting. It is reported that several stars in the film played a very challenging role, and let us wait and see. At the same time, a classic game tour card "game’s War Within Three Kingdoms" for the film studios Fenglong provides support, to jointly promote the production of this film, to create a high concept video tour Chinese movie market "". "War Within Three Kingdoms?" Ekin Cheng Qing Jia was a magic boot the new world for the strength of the actor is a big movie star studded, "War Within Three Kingdoms? Illusion" boot ceremony, Ekin Cheng, Qing Jia, Michael Tse, Lu Zi, Wang Zheng, Jin Qianqian, Gao Jian, etc., strength stars have appeared. As a hero fantasy theme of the film, there must be "hero" and "love"". The movie "War Within Three Kingdoms? Illusion" displayed to the audience, will be a set of martial arts, intrigue, suspense, love, open as one of the new world. Ekin Cheng’s role in the past and personal experience are closely linked with the heroic spirit, this time in the War Within Three Kingdoms magic in the image of the natural is also full of expectations of the audience. In the movie with the same name as the classic card game "War Within Three Kingdoms", "kill" and "flash" can be described as the most basic existence. According to the film side revealed that these elements of the film will be more fun. To create a high concept video tour to achieve maximum tour video linkage on the current market, shadow tour linkage model has formed the perfect business model and industry chain in the United States and Europe, "biochemical crisis", "world of Warcraft", once the market has become the most popular and classic tour video case, almost achieve a win-win reputation and the box office results. In the Chinese film market, there has been no such cases. Therefore, the film Chupin pictures of the Hong Leong boldly launched the "War Within Three Kingdoms? Illusion", is also the first Chinese film makers eating crab. At the same time, tour card board of "War Within Three Kingdoms" as our own game, has 8 years of glorious history, and "War Within Three Kingdoms" one of the founders of Du Bin at the ceremony, it is the highlight of the tour card board on the domestic movie support. According to the statistics and professional and social listening means analysis, "War Within Three Kingdoms" game player occupies Chinese game users share of nearly 90%, can be said to have a strong IP market, in this trend, "War Within Three Kingdoms" has become synonymous with the. The relevant research report also pointed out that many of the War Within Three Kingdoms fans itself is also a fan, the shadow of the audience market is highly coincident. So, the launch of the movie "magic" is followed by War Within Three Kingdoms? The viewing population and the game population trend, believe to be able to open a new memory for the majority of game player, but also for the majority of fans again the popularity of "War Within Three Kingdoms" this classic game. The gold medal team effort to build "create three)相关的主题文章: