The Taiwan delegation to visit Xiamen building design designer exchange center to open up the mainla vidown

The Taiwan delegation to visit Xiamen building design designer exchange center to open up the mainland market – Beijing, China News Agency, Xiamen, October 30 (reporter Chen Yue) Taiwan Institute of space design project recently formed a delegation to visit Xiamen and Mainland counterparts, and in 30 released in Xiamen and the mainland counterparts in Xiamen to build Asia design exchange plan. Taiwan space design engineering association chairman Su Zhonghong told reporters that this delegation visit to Taiwan from more than 15 years of senior designers, they are optimistic about the mainland market, with strong desire for development of the mainland market. Su Zhonghong introduces, at present Taiwan design practitioners about 100 thousand people, the scale of decoration design market of about 10 billion NT; and, more than 4 trillion yuan in the market Jiezhuang design, "and is growing fast". He said that the mainland market has not only a hundred times in the Taiwan market, but also because the mainland market booming, there will be a lot of new ideas, make Taiwan designers can not only access to business opportunities in the mainland, and also through peer exchanges, "to learn new things". The delegation members Ye Shuya from Hsinchu, she also said that the mainland to contribute to the development of Taiwan designers "to open up horizons". She is especially on the mainland by Taobao, Alipay and other established the convenience of capital flow, logistics is impressive. "We have several colleagues have said, ready to handle the mainland bank card." Ye Shuya said with a smile. Asian Design Exchange Association designed by Taiwan engineering and its space in the Mainland Representative jeenxi Wenchuang, and Donghua Haitian Investment Co. Ltd. to build cooperation. Jeenxi creative director Lin Shiwei introduction, in recent years, with the mainland in the high-end home market has become increasingly active, the people of Taiwan in the mainland investment activity, Taiwan designers more popular in mainland China and Xiamen are. He told reporters that the design exchange will not only promote cross-strait communication designers, the future will be through the Internet via Taiwan, help designers in the project docking; the center will also build a by using VR (virtual reality) display system technology, simplify the design process of designer and customer agreement. The standing of Donghua Haitian Investment Limited company deputy general manager Ceng Yingen introduction, as the mainland partners, Donghua Haitian investment will help designers in Taiwan and the mainland good resources, project seamless; once the Taiwan designers to undertake business in mainland, Donghua Haitian investment will provide from the travel arrangements, accommodation, office all in one service, solve their menace from the rear. He also said that the Donghua Haitian investment will also use its rich high-quality materials suppliers to provide services for designers in Taiwan. (end)相关的主题文章: