The third batch of PPP demonstration list or has issued a high degree of concern about the PPP theme

The third batch of PPP demonstration list or has issued a high degree of concern about the purity of the theme of the fund PPP fund exposure platform: letter Phi behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, the market is in the forefront of the list of PPP related plates occupy. Another source said that the third batch of PPP demonstration project list has been issued. Analysts believe that, in the absence of a hot market, the news side of the positive re burning PPP enthusiasm, is expected to follow the market material repeatedly staged, the industry raised concerns about the highest purity of the PPP theme fund on the market. The next three years is still the peak of the construction project, sources said, the list of the third batch of PPP demonstration projects have been issued. However, to reporters before the deadline, the Ministry of finance has not officially announced the list of the third batch of PPP demonstration project. But a little earlier, learned from the Ministry of finance PPP center, the third batch of PPP project proposal list has been finalized, and the final project will soon be disclosed on the website of the Ministry of finance. According to the September 14th announcement, the development and Reform Commission recently to the public to promote the traditional infrastructure PPP project 1233, with a total investment of about $2 trillion and 140 billion. Guoxin Securities believes that the theme of the PPP market has not yet finished, the next three years are the peak of the project, the high performance of listed companies continued to grow. It is reported that the third batch of demonstration projects involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and major municipal engineering and other seven areas, and most are incremental projects, will lead to greater investment. According to the Ministry of finance PPP center data show that as of July 30, 2016, the national PPP integrated information platform project library storage project number of 10170, the amount of about $12 trillion into the project. Which represents the total investment of the project has been completed in the implementation phase of more than 1 trillion yuan. In the more than 10 thousand PPP projects, municipal projects up to 3581, followed by transport, the number of items for the 1247. In this regard, analysts said the city rail transit construction investment has the stable economic development, the introduction of the PPP model will reduce the pressure on local government finances, improve local government investment in the construction of city rail transit enthusiasm, rail construction investment in the next few years accelerated determination is very strong, the performance of listed companies related to the thickening. Guotai Junan said, PPP one of the main operating mode of rail transit project. By the end of June in PPP rail project has more than one trillion yuan, accounting for investment in all municipal PPP project in 37%, municipal subdivision industry ranked first; investors should pay attention to the rail industry PPP superposition double burst investment opportunities. Pay attention to the purity of PPP theme funds the highest since last year, on the one hand the government, banks and enterprises are very worried about the economic downturn, on the other hand, they can not find a suitable areas for investment, a gradual transition to the PPP sector this year, although there have been some Ming shares of real debt, profit commitments, commitment to repurchase the phenomenon of non-compliance process but, with the constant policy norms, the three party is the formation of a new mode of cooperation.相关的主题文章: