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The Three Gorges ship lift ship test by "lift" Fanba (Figure) – Sohu news ship compartment carrying the "Three Gorges cruise No. 9" vertical down more than 80 meters. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Yichang in September 18,   (reporter Guo Xiaoying) September 18th, the Three Gorges ship lift trial navigation, in the afternoon, the Three Gorges "No. 9 ferry arrived downstream from the Three Gorges dam upstream of the Three Gorges ship lift, which lasted about 40 minutes. The Three Gorges ship lift from the upstream approach channel, gate, ship chamber, channel under the gate first, downstream, ship size of 3000 tons, the maximum lifting height of 113 meters, lifting a total weight of 15 thousand and 500 tons, is rapidly passing the dam passenger wheel and special ships, is called "the ship lift". The ship through the Three Gorges ship lift elevator complete Fanba, takes about 40 minutes to 1 hours. The Three Gorges ship lift with large lifting height, lifting weight, the rate of change of upstream navigation features of the large variation of water level and water level downstream quickly, is the world’s most complex, the largest ship lift. As one of the Three Gorges permanent navigation facilities, the Three Gorges ship lift in the Three Gorges project is ending, after a long argument, the design and construction process, known as the Three Gorges Project last "". In the process of construction, the Three Gorges ship lift builders bold and innovative design concept, manufacturing technology, construction technology and management methods, has successfully solved a series of world-class technical problems, promote the application and development of the world ship lift technology, accumulated valuable experience for the construction of large vertical ship lift, but also improve the Chinese related professional equipment the ability to design and manufacture.相关的主题文章: