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The top 500 enterprises released   Baidu highest China company R & D intensity –IT– original title: Baidu released the top 500 enterprises in the highest Chinese company R & D strength in new network on 28 August, August 27th, Chinese business association, 2016 China enterprises Chinese Entrepreneurs Association published the list of the top 500, an increase of 7.4% top 500 R & D 2016 China enterprises, R & D intensity was 1.48%, an increase of 0.19%. Among them, Baidu R & D intensity of up to 15.89%, leading HUAWEI and ZTE has become China’s most powerful R & D enterprises. At present, the country’s economic development has entered a new normal, resources and heavy industry driven economic growth showed a slowing trend. National advocacy to promote the traditional industry operation efficiency with "Internet plus", by way of Internet, thinking and quality, promote the economy development. The Internet companies to achieve growth, the best way is to seize the front edge technology to accelerate the commercialization process. In the face of artificial intelligence technology and become the investment outlet trend, Baidu has always followed the thinking technology foundation, in the R & D investment, business investment, mergers and acquisitions, star talent reserve, the overall layout, accelerate the process of commercialization of technology. All along, Baidu firm belief in technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence research and development. Statistics show that in 2014, Baidu R & D investment accounted for the proportion of revenue beyond Google, Facebook. Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li said, Baidu must do artificial intelligence. 2015 and the first two quarters of 2016, Baidu R & D investment accounted for more than 13%, becoming the leader in China’s Internet companies. Sustained high intensity R & D investment in return for a visual return. Statistics show that the current Baidu has applied for more than 1500 artificial intelligence patents, automatic driving patents of 358. Baidu Silicon Valley’s latest generation of Deep Speech2 voice technology ranked the United States authoritative magazine, MIT technology review published in 2016, one of the ten breakthroughs in technology, but also the only one Chinese companies selected. Baidu continues to fall in the field of artificial intelligence, not only to obtain recognition of the authority, but also led the development of cutting-edge technology in the industry, leading the tide of public life. Among these, Baidu unmanned vehicle brings together the most cutting-edge technologies in the fields of science and technology, embodies the artificial intelligence and high precision map, voice image recognition, is the unremitting investment in research and technology on Baidu’s years of concentrated outbreak. In December last year, Baidu driverless car to achieve the road test, and the completion of the complex road surface measurement. While Baidu set multiple artificial intelligence technology in a secret of robot in April this year, successfully settled KFC’s first concept store "Original+", the first incarnation of KFC China intelligent staff service directly to consumers, to help complete the whole process from ordering to pay. This is also the first to create a chain of Baidu KFC food and beverage industry, the first artificial intelligence services scene. Baidu adhere to independent research and development, firm investment in technology, but also continued to use capital means layout of artificial intelligence相关的主题文章: