The total number of Internet users in China has reached 710 million under the age of Internet users poper

Statistical data Chinese total number of Internet users has reached 710 million new age less than 10 years of Internet users over 20 million 590 thousand Chinese Internet Network Information Center show that as of June 2016, Chinese total number of Internet users reached 710 million, Internet users under the age of 19 accounted for 23% of all Internet users, the network of people under the age of 10 more than 20 million 590 thousand. Compared with the data by the end of 2015, the proportion of children under the age of 10 groups increased, the Internet continues to penetrate the low age. Children in the growth period, long time with the eye, and by fluorescence stimulation, it is self-evident for visual impairment; online information in case of exposure to violence, uneven in quality, pornography, cheating and other negative information, unfavorable for the growth of children; virtual social dependence, line communication ability, grow up in this environment, children will become what like? No one knows, it’s really worrying. Network times, allow the children on the Internet, but to have the principle, and the implementation of effective control, access time, location, content and so on to establish rules and strict enforcement, can not leave. Indulgence because of indulgence, the result is harmful to children. Only parents control is not enough, for Internet users younger age, still must make concerted efforts together to. Content producers to self-discipline, not suitable for children’s content, should be clearly marked, so that parents can identify, and raise the threshold from the technology, let the children to come into contact with the school; to assume responsibility for education, teach children the correct way to open network; Internet management, to further standardize the network operation, the implementation of information classification system of science and accelerate the process of network legislation, perfecting the legal supervision measures. Among them, the network classification can be regarded as a soothing anxiety meter. Ignorant young Internet, most loves to play all kinds of games. "Network" is a restriction on the game makers, for parents is a reminder of the manager is a line, should adhere to. There have been media online survey, 72.4% of respondents in favor of network classification". In fact, many countries have established a network classification system, such as the implementation of the European standard of universal classification, the United Kingdom and other countries is to establish a legal enforcement system. Excerpts from the "Guangzhou daily" in August 25 Japanese Lian Haiping相关的主题文章: