The town’s song tomorrow officially open beta Zhang Yishan incarnation of God sacrifice (video) darren hayes

The town’s song tomorrow officially open beta incarnation of Zhang Yishan God sacrifice tomorrow will usher in the official beta NetEase Diablo series popularity 2.5D online games, "the town of magic song" today even burst Mengliao, on the official website for online Zhang Yishan by the interpretation of the new occupation, large video and audio drama poster. Game player can not only see the embodiment of "walking aphrodisiac" in Yan Sha other movies, the first show evil male god fan of Zhang Yishan, but also a sound understanding of the eight story posters, the "mad Yan Sha for power at kill dark story. Zhang Yishan’s new role switching HD feel evil magic song – Yan Zhen Zhang Yishan son of God incarnate [strongest incarnation of Zhang Yishan "walking" Yan Sha aphrodisiac deductive modeling large] most heavy for the beta update, is Zhang Yishan’s first game character — "eight all the crazy" Yan Sha, after the occupation because of its evil handsome appearance, was dubbed the "walking game player", and the aphrodisiac Zhang Yishan Yan Sha style poster also full power: the desire for power in the eyes of his long silver hair, pale skin wrapped with muscle and other collision of half naked strong male hormone. In another poster of Zhang Yishan is not a very Yan style, modification, but the strength of the famous for acting meat also need not only other eyes, small mouth is a perfect performance, in front of the camera to restore the gloomy and arrogant Yan Sha, so called "eye brow tip, full of acting". [sound story Posters Released audio-visual interpretation of murder story] in addition to Yan Yan Sha cycle brake release other large, together with the sound is also full of surprise: The Story poster poster respectively to wake up "" "" "" kill kill reincarnation "as the theme, to the game player about the desire to become strong evil Yan Family Challenge stronger opponent, not of God raised their slaughter knife, breaking more death ethics, in flesh dies at the expense of Supreme power. It is worth mentioning that the town music magic abandoned the traditional static posters, with red and black colors dynamic picture full of visual stimulus force, accompanied by dark and gloomy voice, the Yan family very dark story, especially a "I intended to kill the violence, he is the devil is God not my grindstone will not be Yan don’t, the performance of the most incisive and insolent contempt. Chinese wedding [sweet magic system] in addition to earthshaking cheats a strong new occupation, game player the long anticipated marriage system and weapon system will also have to meet with the game player! The development team full of sincerity for the chosen one for couples of traditional Chinese wedding and grand, the stone before bonded for life, love! Love upgrade, play to upgrade, the beta launch weapon system can upgrade the occupation skills. Spirit and soul, Xian, four class magic correspond to different functions, not only increase the seventh skills lattice, collocation for each occupation increased nearly 50% skills, but also open a specific occupation cheats, an anti kill power game player, game! "The town of magic song" will be held tomorrow at 12 noon officially launched the beta, then in addition to the three update, New District [heaven] Union will also open the "Mingfeng" opposition "two new services, none such under heaven" in the new old online game player within the service hall of honor certification, enjoy 100 per cent discount benefits! While new!相关的主题文章: