The United States of Houston blamed for gun shooting passers – Sohu news lawyers sit in the car

The United States of Houston blamed for gun shooting passers-by lawyers sit – Sohu Texas Houston news 26 morning shootings occurred in the car, the suspect came in and killed the police confrontation. A number of local media reports, the suspect is a bad mood of many military lawyers, police suspect has not yet announced the identity and motive of sitting in the car, passers-by shooting 26 local time, 6 pm, police received a report, an apartment building near the city of Houston, often heard gunfire, a suspect sitting in a car black Porsche car to passing vehicles and pedestrians. After the police arrived, the suspect turned to the police shot, the two sides exchanged fire suspects were killed. Police said 9 people were wounded in the shooting, in which 6 people were shot, 3 people were window pieces of injury to the eyes. 2 seriously injured, but is not expected to be life-threatening. Living in this apartment building in Alan Wakim is one of the wounded?. That morning, he drove to work, and two bullets hit him through the windshield. He said, before the gun saw aim for red laser beam. Sergeant Dwayne? Reddy said, the police seized a pistol in the body of the suspect, found that more than 2500 bullets and a semi-automatic rifle in his car. Reddy said, a total of 9 police officers in uniform suspects, 75 were found at the scene. 55 year old Lee Williams lived nearby, after hearing the gunfire, he came to the road directing vehicles to avoid apartment building area. He told the media that many commuter vehicles do not want to go near a busy crossroads, will bypass the front apartment in this area, "as long as the car passed, he would fire at them". In about 40 minutes, Williams heard at least 50 gunshots. Local FBI officials said there is no evidence at this stage that the shooting was associated with extremist groups. Many military lawyers suspect the police have not yet released the identity of the suspect, and local media to check, the Porsche car owners living in the apartment building of Nathan DESAY?. The suspect was killed when wearing military uniforms, wear a few pieces of old Nazi badge. Reddy said, the police found some guns and other military collection at the suspect in the apartment, some of which can be traced back to the military during the American Civil war. Apartment property manager to the local media confirmed that the police searched the DESAY apartment. DESAY has no criminal record, he received a law degree from University of Tulsa in 1998, and a partnership to open a small law firm. Kenneth, a former partner, said that they had closed the firm in February, due to a reduction in customers. Mcdaniel said that the recent contact with DESAY, and in accordance with DESAY’s character, it is impossible to make such a crazy move. DESAY’s father Prakash? DESAY told KTRK television in Houston, he was 25, and his son just met, "because the law does not work well, and some other personal problems, his mood has been bad. Apartment building property manager Jason confirmed that DESAY is indeed bad temper in the near future. In August, the apartment building construction worker said DESAY)相关的主题文章: