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This fact, it is worth you to buy! Sohu and review: a variety of common tea used in daily life, silver tea, red porcelain, porcelain, glass, plastic and other materials. So, what is the difference between all kinds of material brewing tea? Estimated that even many "sweet" is also difficult to say. In daily life, with a silver pot filled with water, boil water, tea, it can enhance physical fitness, prevention of bacterial infection. Modern medical science research found that silver is a natural antibiotic, with sterilization, health care function, can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses. So, how much you know about the fact? What kind of fact it is worth buying? 1, the use of scientific fact, health drink good tea new silver to use cold water washing before use, and then rinse with hot water, then put some general tea one or two times, you can eliminate the new pot may smell and can remove some impurities residues. In fact boil water heating, it is best to use the electric ceramic stove, oven, electric wire furnace. Avoid heating the anhydrous state, while the water is heating water capacity is best kept in the pot body capacity of 80%-90% is the best. As a precious metal silver, it has a very good conductivity and heat transfer, with the best bactericidal function. Silver used to boil tea, obviously improve the quality of the release of silver ions can trace. "Silver ion sterilization" is the world’s advanced sterilization technology. Scientific research shows that as long as two milligrams per liter of water, silver ions can kill most of the bacteria in the water, and harmless to the human body. Because of the effect of disinfection of silver ions released from the silver boiled water in the tea, when killing a certain amount of bacteria in the production and storage of tea in the process of more or less produced, eliminating the tea odor, improve the quality of tea, so that silver brewed tea has better taste. Silver not only good sterilization, can also add trace elements to human body, the silver ions needed for the functioning of this, not only reduce the pathogen invasion, and can calm mood, warm stomach, Shu Qi, is beneficial to people’s physical and mental health. 2, how to choose a good kiss? In the tea market, silver is more and more popular, the market demand is to enlarge and promote the development of silver industry, but the silver market is also a test of the uneven in quality consumer insight and knowledge, choose a good fact should not only consider the process but also to take care of practicality. First, look at the material material. The purity of silver is divided into 990, 925 national standards two. "990" on behalf of fine silver, silver content is 99%, with the silver is often labeled as S990. 925 silver, silver content of 92.5%, and the remaining copper content of 7.5%. The purity of "990 Zuyin" is regarded as the preferred material on the silver silver. The "990 fine" hardness and ductility of the most suitable for making silver, the silver ion health index is the highest. But the same is "990 fine", its silver content even if there is a subtle distinction between the 99.90% and 99.96%, also affect the quality of silver. Secondly, look at the process, including the specific type相关的主题文章: