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Tianjin overseas fair closing reached 300 cooperation – China news agency new network in August 29 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Liu Jiayu) jointly organized by the Tianjin Municipal People’s government, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of China eighth China? Tianjin overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Development Fair (referred to as the "overseas fair"), on the afternoon of 29 falls under the curtain. Period, through the opportunity to promote, project roadshow, field trips, reached nearly 300 cooperation intentions. The "overseas fair" for a period of 4 days, more than 800 overseas Chinese and Chaoshang representatives from 48 countries and regions in the world, the Tianjin chamber of Commerce? Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Qiao Bo"), the International Youth Fellowship tide annual meeting, Teochew Youth Summit, Tianjin Youth Forum, tide creating cooperation docking fair, and went to Tianjin Binhai New Area, free trade zone, overseas dream garden chamber of commerce industry gathering area and other places to visit. "Chinese dream yuan" is the China effort to build the China Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce and industry gathering area of overseas Chinese innovation base brand. The "overseas fair" set up a special "overseas dream garden" exhibition, showcasing the overseas Chinese in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, especially the "science and technology innovation achievements overseas dream garden, and organize the guests into the Tianjin overseas dream garden, the person in charge of discussion with the park, understanding of industrial policy, to find opportunities for cooperation. With 200 kinds of infant supplies in Europe Qiao Bo Holland chamber of Commerce Xu Limin said that at present, China young generation of high quality supplies demand, that demand will explosive growth. She said, Tianjin Qiao Bo to build a good communication platform for the exhibition, overseas chamber of commerce. Tianjin overseas Chinese Affairs Office Deputy Director Fang Jingbiao said in an interview with News Agency reporters, Tianjin Sheqiao innovation to build economic and trade cooperation platform, expand economic and trade exchanges between Tianjin and overseas chamber of commerce. He hoped that overseas Chinese businessmen are fully integrated into the "million overseas Chinese innovation action", actively participate in the construction of Tianjin. (end)相关的主题文章: