To the car we never forget the new three stick to the United States – Sohu remonstrate

The car that we never forget the? New three stick fumeilai – Sohu Excelle car when shutdown, the hearts of the people again raised the "new three" relay "laosanyang" era, in 2003 2002, China car began raging like a storm. By the end of 2003 Familia, Excelle, Elantra sedan market new big three to Qi, began to replace the Jetta, Santana, Fukang became the new happy family. Over the past 13 years, the Excelle Elantra discontinued, chose the name, completed from Yue Lang to move to bring change, that is to say although the Elantra still, but the real new Elantra is dynamic collar. With the change of different Elantra, fumeilai adhere to the original name, has gone through three iterations, currently in the United States sold to Fu is the fourth generation product. Now the SUV trend rise on independent sedan aura. But the ball seems to stick to the uncle in the Red Sea market independent sedan more commendable, because the market can survive and even win, with completely powerful strength, and is hard to win joint sedan. This point now, Geely, Changan escape, Chery Yi Ruize 5 Familia and exemplary. Which is to say the most beautiful blessing is worth, although sales are not in the limelight, but it is to market the longest, the most complete product iteration order independent family, can be said that Familia is a banner Chinese independent sedan. In S5 before becoming a star product, once the Chinese car market, the new three like the same support for the brand, and even we mentioned the hippocampus, the first thought of the model is the United States to the United states. For the hippocampus, the United States and the United States to the technical precipitation, the reputation of the product, the brilliant record of the CTCC arena is a valuable asset. ? the first generation Familia as the biggest star in the United States are the models, Fu is the fourth generation models. In 2002 323, the introduction of Mazda hippocampus (this is the "new three" the first launch of a product, Excelle, Elantra is launched in 2003), launched the first generation Familia Familia, its name is derived from the transliteration of overseas models Familia. The first generation of the United States to the United States, at the time of the shape is quite smooth and good-looking, is a classic home three car styling. The interior is exquisite and luxurious, at that time also looks very eye-catching, excellent power system coupled with Mazda’s genes and skills, the riding quality was second to none in the China sedan market. Excellent market performance and design also makes the fumeilai quickly gained widespread recognition of consumers, and later Buick Excelle, Hyundai Elantra and together is called the China car city of the "new three". The second generation Familia? 2006, hippocampus Familia launched the 2 generation car, based on the first generation Familia to build models to 2 Familia substitution on a new face, enhance the sense of fashion, this generation fumeilai abandon Mazda logo, officially put up a "sea horse the logo. This generation is more dynamic modeling, the former Mcpherson E type multi link four wheel independent suspension chassis, obvious advantages in the sedan market. Ask相关的主题文章: