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U.S. interest rate hike is expected to subside in the low key to pick up the gold – Sohu financial crisis and the Central Bank of Japan’s central bank meeting to make investors feel a bit nervous, Asian stocks fell yesterday, gold closed up second consecutive days. The Fed rate hike debate is expected to raise interest rates by chaos, the expected subsided, gold in the three quarter recently taking all the gains and by the weak breath stumbled yang. But in any case, from the recent performance, during the popular hedge hedge assets, as a "leader" gold is obviously left behind". Analysts believe that only with the dollar to explain the falling price of gold is too far fetched. If the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to be a factor in the traditional macro analysis framework, it seems to be able to better explain the trend of gold prices this year. In fact, this year, the two wave of gold price gains are in line with this logic. "Only gold can hedge all the troubles of the world." Some people borrow the view of Barclays said: "a key factor supporting gold demand, as investors in the global economy and concerns about the stability of uncertainty in the financial markets, hedge risk events will, in a short period of time can not disappear. Therefore, optimistic about the price of gold, we will continue." Risk aversion in gold market diving last week the global stock market volatility, various hedge assets into the focus of the chase chase. For example, the Japanese government bonds are stronger than the yen, the yen is stronger than the dollar, the dollar is stronger than most of the stock, bond index, etc.. Analysis of the market, behind the hedge demand blowout is a comprehensive response to the global central bank policy and liquidity expectations. However, in the pursuit of various types of hedge funds in the boom, but the poor performance of gold. Statistics show that London spot gold fell 1.5% last week. Why gold hedge assets behind the army? Some investors believe that the first consideration should be given to the negative impact of the strong u.s.. Dalian heavy mountain Commodity Trading Co., Ltd., a senior analyst Liu Guoxin introduction, in the international gold generally denominated in dollars, so the price of gold and the dollar index has a negative correlation. From 1975 to now more than 30 years, the correlation coefficient of -0.4. In some cases, for example, the correlation coefficient between 2001 and 2004 was -0.96, which was almost completely negative. Boosted by U.S. economic data, especially in the United States on Friday announced the August core CPI chain and growth were higher than expected, the dollar index refresh two week highs, causing pressure on the gold price trend. But it’s not enough to explain all. There are market participants questioned: first, the same is safe haven assets, the Japanese yen, the Japanese debt is also affected by the trend of the dollar, but they are positive earnings last week; second, last week, the dollar index rose only 0.7%. This means that even if the effect of deducting the dollar index rose, gold is still not a positive return. Therefore, these market analysis, in addition to the valuation effect of the dollar, the understanding of the recent trend of gold also need to introduce new variables, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates change. Hike suspicions about the gold trend analysis thinks, the interest rate is expected to weaken the strong, gold as a safe haven asset attribute. Specifically, if an event is triggered by a hedging demand, that means相关的主题文章: