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"Vietnam more beautiful:" misty rain, long river of thousands of years of loneliness — the ancient capital of Hue – Sohu tourism history, every piece of ancient buildings in the left today in addition to the years of bleak decline, it disappeared in the vast emptiness of the past was gone, leaving only an empty building for future generations to "beauty" the way to enjoy it. As a historical and ancient capital of hue, the most representative of the the Imperial Palace in Beijing is probably a smaller version of the imperial city of hue. I do not know whether to open a period of history, to the day, the weather is cloudy, rain, silent air not see birds, great imperial city surrounded by a quiet. The scattered tourists walk in every corner of the Imperial City, soundless and stirless afar. Indeed, the structure like the the Imperial Palace in Beijing. But compared to the lonely lonely and the Imperial Palace in the evening after the day, imperial has shown it in the air and scream like desolation. Beijing the Imperial Palace imperial city of hue is not preserved so complete, but as the Vietnam the Imperial Palace, its old style can still be found. From 1678 to 1805, dozens of years created a great city, but I do not understand why such a magnificent imperial city but imitation Beijing the Imperial Palace this building? The walls of the square, surrounded by a moat, four gates, building construction and that of each city in ancient Chinese are very similar. But that is Front Gate Meridian Gate Design and modeling of the Meridian Gate and the Imperial Palace is almost the same, just as the the Imperial Palace grand scale than. (Meridian Gate) only in beautiful hue during the war, the imperial city has suffered serious damage. Today, in addition to a few complete palaces, most of the buildings were built on the original site. However, this is a huge project, has not yet finished complex. Through the hall of Supreme Harmony, and gradually entered the imperial city of desolation. Because there is no winter cold, overgrown with weeds is showing the desolate, and rainy, after the destruction of war and cruelty makes today people into the Imperial City, not a sigh. Although the local people trying to repair it, but the new repair and the ancient site collided, imperial sadness is more serious. I don’t know Vietnam for the ancient buildings in the end is not only paid for misappropriating, but such a history and culture of the imperial city is not so lost. Therefore, walking in the desert edge, the huge palace courtyard, dilapidated attic pavilions, visitors tour, workers in the repair and reconstruction, it is like rain again. The deepest impression is that the deserted courtyard, green slightly lonely lawn, in addition to a few old trees, is the construction of the red rain gallery. It is the old black imperial city is among the most distinctive places, like the residual ridge have no life in one place suddenly grows a red flower, make everyone feel surprised. The red pillars and the doors and windows, on a rainy day a rare drop out clearly, just stand in front of the door, the distant and desolate dilapidated buildings and people feel helpless. History is not to be modified or landscaping, dilapidated buildings and sites more don’t lie, even when unable to reproduce.相关的主题文章: