Wang Zhenfeng incident in the end is not hype 9c8921

Wang Zhenfeng incident in the end is not hype? August 28, 2016 at 4 o’clock PM peach blossom: Wang Zhenfeng, the official opening of the exhibition. The curator Wang will attend the exhibition and present the entire exhibition for the Sina channel. This exhibition is not only the first solo exhibition of Wang Zhenfeng, but also a demonstration of the events of the PK Zhou Chunya. The exhibition is divided into three regions: Wang Zhenfeng biography biography, strong Andy Warhol style panels and 5 million blind shot area. The 5 million blind shot area to attract the most attention Sina reporter, in this region show Zhongce on the top of the box to write 5 million words below it drew more than 5 million meaning up arrow. This can not help but think of this caused a heated debate Wang Zhenfeng PK Zhou Chunya incident, it is not speculation? For this conjecture curator Wang will say: do not think this is a speculation, Wang Zhenfeng’s exhibition, just to express civilian victory". Of course, all this can only be left to the viewer to judge the vital. At the opening ceremony and the biography part of Wang Zhenfeng reportedly used the pen to write his studies, used here is just on behalf of the "civilian victory this time". Wang Zhenfeng’s biography on the works of Andy Warhol in the frame of the typical style, curator of the king said: "with Andy Warhol as he had proposed the" context is because everyone is an artist, everyone can do fifteen minutes of star "was in line with the demands of the exhibition center. Wang Zhenfeng’s event is to show that everyone is an artist, the core of which is the public’s trust crisis and controversy on contemporary art." Wang Zhenfeng, a teacher at the scene of the opening ceremony of the auction site, talked about the topic of "amateur artist", and said: "all the efforts of the art history is to realize that everyone is an artist." "" ". Today a "Grass-roots" appeared in good taste and dedication glorious art, this is the pride of the era, is the beginning of the era of progress, means that every ordinary individuals and families can be realized as art". At the same time, he said: "the value of art lies in the full life experience, the promotion of independent personality and personality, sublimation of human feelings and creativity! Anyone has the ability to express art, especially painting." It is reported that the exhibition will last until September 11, 2016.相关的主题文章: