Wenzhou man to save the dog can’t come out again after the burst into flames tianbi

Wenzhou man to save the dog did not burst into flames after out again at noon yesterday about 11:30, Xinqiao street in Ouhai District of Wenzhou City, a house fire, a man in an accident rescue dog, and died. Reporters from the relevant person in charge of the street confirmed that the man surnamed Lin, 39 years old, usually pet dog. According to the local fire department, the fire started from the roof of the home, the most senior living in the building after Lin found that immediately rushed into the fire to save the dog, but the fire spread quickly, he can not rush out from the flames, resulting in an accident. It is understood that the fire is the top dog kennel, Gui Lin men all. Build kennels for iron steel, an area of about 20 square meters. Xinqiao Street staff, before the incident Lin in the 7 floor roof of the kennel dog cook, then went downstairs, forgot this thing. The kennel found after the fire, in spite of his family and neighbors to dissuade him into the fire with wet towel to save the dog, the misfortune. Some of the neighbors said, Lin engaged in pet dog sales business, for a year or so, "these expensive dog is said to be worth thousands of dollars, he often in the evening with two or three dogs to walk down the stairs." Local fire department received an alarm call, quickly rushed to the scene, and quickly controlled the fire. Rescue workers, due to timely rescue, the other tenants of this building has not been affected by the fire. After the incident, the local authorities found his wife Lin to understand the situation, according to her introduction, Lin burst into flames is to save the dog in front of the fire, and no other kennel. Currently, the local authorities on the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Related news: Jinhua, a warehouse that had a hopeless husky dog abuse eyes (Photos)相关的主题文章: