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Where to cool the heating card? Look at the weather forecast or true feelings – Sohu news workers daily news November 6th, November 4th, the Beijing municipal government said that in November 13th there will be a strong cold air activities, Beijing has greater potential for 5 days the average temperature is below 5 DEG C, decided to officially heating to 13 days ahead of time. Previously, on whether the issue should be heated in advance of Beijing has caused concern. In November 15th this year is not cold, there is no need to open the heating, heating has come, this year has been very cold, but the heating has not come!" Mr. Ren who lives in Beijing City, huixinxijie, units have started to return home heating, but wrapped in blankets to keep them warm, hot and cold that he is uncomfortable. Recently, the north to usher in a strong wind cooling weather. Since the end of October, Beijing minimum temperature below the continuous. People on the early start heating, but the voice has not been answered, has become the focus of public opinion. So, hard to define the heating time in the end come from? It is understood that from the beginning of the last century in 80s, Beijing heating season from November 15th to the end of next year in March 15th. According to the 1994 introduction of the "Beijing residential boiler heating management regulations," to determine the year November 15th to the following year for the heating season in March 15th. And put forward in accordance with the actual situation or in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal People’s Government in advance or extend the heating, but at that time whether the conditions for the early heating is still unclear. The implementation of "day heating" began in the April 2010 implementation of the "Beijing city heating management approach", which clearly stipulates that the heating season in Beijing city for the year of November 15th to March 15th of the following year, the Municipal People’s government can adjust the heating season time according to the actual situation of weather. In addition to the heating season, the "measures" Beijing city heating system management and the subsequent implementation of the "Beijing temporary adjustment of the heating time procedures", will the weather consultation judged whether in advance of heating measures gradually refined, including: statutory heating before November 15th, if not in the average temperature of less than 5 for 5 consecutive days C, not for heating in advance; no earlier than November 1st climate residential users started early heating time, heating time is the end no later than March 31st. At this point, Beijing "day heating mechanism is mature, if the heating or stop warming, temperature anomalies, heating departments with the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau will conduct meteorological consultation with the Meteorological Bureau, as judged whether heating in advance. Experts explained that the north central heating system was formed in the 50s of last century, from the heating mode to the basic concept of reference to the former Soviet Union model, including the provisions of the 5 consecutive days, the average temperature of less than 5 degrees can be heating. The average annual average temperature of 5 degrees in Beijing in November 15th to the next year in the next year in March 15th. At the same time, according to the provisions of the "thermal" code for design of civil buildings, north of the town of heating period is calculated, according to the daily average outdoor temperature of 5 degrees Celsius so the outdoor temperature is 5 degrees centigrade as the reference temperature and heating, the average daily temperature of 5 degrees the start date and node.相关的主题文章: