World Art History Conference will be held in China for the first time imjpmig

The World Conference for the first time in the history of art China held – Beijing China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Ying Ni) in August 30, known as the international culture and art history of the "Olympic Games" in the world art history conference will be held in September 16th to 20 in Beijing. The World Congress of art history is an important meeting in the history of international art and culture, held once every four years, and has been held for the first time since 1873. This conference is jointly organized by the International Academy of Art History (CIHA), China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Peking University. On the 30 day of the conference, President of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts Dean Fan said, hundreds of experts and scholars from various countries and regions of the world gathered in Beijing, is an important opportunity for the international academic understanding of China art and cultural history. "Help highlight the achievements of contemporary art and culture development Chinese, let the world know Chinese in promoting economic and social development at the same time, also strengthen the protection and study of civilization and cultural heritage, rich artistic heritage has become an important resource in today’s artistic innovation and contemporary academic research." The theme of the thirty-fourth World Congress of art history is "Terms" (concept: Art and art history in different histories and cultures). The head of the organizing committee, China Central Academy of Fine Arts professor Shao Dazhen introduced, in the theme of the design, China art development characteristics highlighted the growing up Chinese ancient civilization in its position in the world cultural patterns, which in the historical perspective of Chinese and Western civilization as the importance of backtracking, and extended re cognition differences on world culture and art and the characteristics, formation of the new interpretation of the human civilization and cultural heritage. It is reported that the general assembly set up 21 chapters to discuss and discuss the topic in order to exchange the latest achievements in the study of art history. (end)相关的主题文章: