Xi’an police frequent alarm call 110 Xi’an wonderful tourists asked paomo which strong (video) ekdv-273

Xi’an police frequent alarm call 110 Xi’an wonderful tourists asked paomo which strong reporter Deng Longhui said that the foaming steamed, but Xi’an is not only a representative of snacks, I love to eat the old Shaanxi, also attracted a lot of tourists come here, want to try all of Xi’an’s most famous bubble. This does not, tourists are playing 110 police asked: "Xi’an bubble which is stronger?" "110 things" today continues to lecture, see what wonderful drunk alarm. In October 18th, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center received 110 alarm, police were asked to pick the police: "it’s 110, I to you want to ask for your tour of Xi’an, Xi’an’s most famous paomo museum where I can not find ah!" 110 police officers told police, 110 emergency alarm call people distress, occupy the 110 alarm circuit is not correct, if you have any question, you can ask the relatives and friends, or call 114 queries. In October 17th, 110 received the alarm, the alarm call to complain about the Centers for Disease Control 120 pull siren. 110 police officers told the police who, in 120, 119 and 110 belong to emergency official attendance, siren belongs to normal attendance process. The police who still indignant: "why 110 or 120 pull siren?" Then the police had to patiently explain the reasons to the masses. October 20th, 110 received the alarm, the police said he was buying lottery tickets for a long time, the consumption of deposits for many years, and now requires the government to borrow $1000. 110 police officers explained to police patience, buy lottery, lottery is purely subjective consumer behavior has nothing to do with the government. Note: the video is only 1 years to expand the reading of more than ten thousand years in Hebei wonderful alarm alarm said there will be a zombie jump相关的主题文章: