Xiling auction this weekend in Nanjing open call auction punyu

Xiling auction this weekend in Nanjing this Saturday, Sunday open call auction (27-28 August), 2016 Autumn Auction Xiling for NanJing Railway Station and you meet in Jiangsu Yishiyuan Hotel. It is reported that the scope of the Xiling Autumn Auction collection Chinese relates to painting and calligraphy, Chinese and foreign celebrities, famous ancient manuscripts, letters from seal and seal stone, treasures, the ancient name inkstone, Tianhuang room, bronze ceramic hybrid (with proof of origin), Ming and Qing furniture, purple, China ancient coins, oil painting sculpture and other categories. Collection of specific address in Jiangsu Yishiyuan Hotel building on the first floor of the hall (Gulou District, Zhongshan North Road, 81, Zhongshan North Road and Yunnan Road intersection). Detail: 0571-87812580, 0571-87896778, 18969020189, welcome to give collectors treasure. Since the Xiling auction was established in twelve, has devoted 15 new special is the first national significance for the market, the spirit of innovation in this season is still touted market. 2016 Xiling spring auction with a total turnover of 920 million yuan, the total turnover rate of 88.52% gorgeous closing gavel. Some of the members Xiling Seal-Engravers’Society concert, Qingxin – Master Hong Yi calligraphy and modern painting Chinese birth — China first painting drawings have 100 percent special deal, once again staged a "white glove night". Zhang Chong and the first opera art of Kunqu Opera and China was all appreciative, the audience of more than 200 items, gains 27 million 550 thousand yuan, turnover of 98% success rate, far more than before making the valuation. The time went to the Jiangsu public collection of collections, due to the Xiling auction has always been on the Jiangsu nationality ancient and modern artists have attached great importance, and the origin of Jiangsu artists and Xiling auction quite deep. The autumn auction, Xiling auction had collected two pieces of Jiangsu painter heavyweight works. A twentieth Century China modern painting on behalf of the painter, art Master Mr. Wu Guanzhong "the" huge wood painting works, this work was completed in 2007. Wu Guanzhong of the lacquer painting market is very rare, but Wu Guanzhong rarely made any painting, lacquer painting was born into the classic, intense pursuit always attract collectors. This piece is known in the eyes of the greatest market Wu Guanzhong lacquer painting works, there are nearly 16 square foot, visible Wu Guanzhong generous, verve, and works hard. Another Jiangsu painter works in the Ming Dynasty, the great granddaughter of Wen Zhengming "Bai Hui" sketch map. This is the famous female painter Chinese painting history, art and the status can be Zhao Meng lady all comparable, her husband Zhao Junnai is a famous calligrapher Zhao, the son of light, is also the representative scholars of Jiangsu. This piece of "Bai Hui Tu", the painting is a rare boutique, painted flowers, elegant and refined, beautiful and pleasant, is the younger brother of this volume, the volume of long sequence, calligraphy and painting, unique taste. 2016 Autumn Auction Xiling Wu Guanzhong "house" wood painting 2016 Xiling autumn auction, the inheritance and innovation of "Bai Hui sketch map" Xiling auction of culture, with the same strain of 100 years Xiling Seal-Engravers’Society "stone spirit", the one and only this cultural gene, in the Xiling auction twelve years of development, gradually formed a distinct.相关的主题文章: