Xining airport found a variety of special type of contraband with continuous charging treasure type w32dasm

Xining airport found a variety of special type of contraband with continuous charging treasure type cigarette lighter – in the new network for charging treasure was seized type cigarette lighter. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Xining, September 14, (Sun Rui Yang Peng) 14 reporter learned from the Xining airport, flights since entering the shipping season, Xining airport has seized various types of functional diversity, unique appearance of aviation contraband. According to the staff of the Xining airport, on August 15th, CZ8146 flight to Chongqing, a passenger in the sea when the Xining airport seized, the package of treasure treasure caused the attention of screeners. In the X X-ray image in the charging treasure except two lithium battery, also contains many black spots and annular linear resistance coil. After screeners open packet inspection, confirmed the charge treasure package for the multi-functional charging equipment, charging treasure type cigarette lighter. In September 3rd, MU2760 flight passengers at the Xining airport security channel No. 3 seized in the open package inspection link screeners found goods suspected of U disk X ray image turned out to be a nail clippers and X X-ray image showing the color and internal structure does not match, different from conventional nail clippers. After confirmation, the goods for the Clippers type cigarette lighter, lighter type nail clippers the two security brigade seized for national security first. September 6th, Nanjing Airlines flight ZH9298 passengers will be seized with a suitcase. Boot member found in a package containing a resistor coil of goods, need to carry out open packet inspection. With the consent of the consent of the passengers, to open packages out of the goods, after separate inspection and careful observation, to determine the goods for the vehicle type multipurpose loading cigarette lighter. Xining airport staff said that at present, all kinds of market sales of cigarette ignition equipment is increasingly complex, functional diversity, and the majority of products are "three noes" of products, will bring the hidden danger to aviation safety at the same time also brought great difficulties to the security work, Xining airport security in the premise to strictly implement the safety standards, will also further do the training education in all types of contraband inspection recognition, always tighten the safe string, to ensure the safe operation of the Xining airport. (end)相关的主题文章: