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Xuhui marketing | desert fish enjoy hiking travel limit Gobi – Sohu in August 15th, Xu Hui group marketing team in Gobi on foot in Dunhuang kicked off Gobi, in canyons, rivers, the mountains, the wind in, hand in hand with hard struggle, bold awaken true inner self, the ultimate challenge, enjoy the ultimate! After the arrival of the stone city, the players began to warm up under the guidance of professional coaches. This is the history of Xu Hui foot, the first full marketing Ge line team, they are to enjoy the limit, beyond the self, melting team. Marketing people every day in the ultimate challenge, for such an assault in the battle line of the elite team, perhaps for GE and not so difficult. However, in the marketing team in Xuhui haohanpo, sky clouds, heavy rain and flooding soon thousands of years suffered the worst in Gobi, the original uneven ground is muddy, the road more difficult. The crisis comes, the Iron Army Wu A fighting spirit soars aloft. difficulties, and determined to get out of a great tribulation in, create an all conquering team. Get an extraordinary experience in this piece of land in Gobi is extraordinary, this gift, perhaps this life can not be copied! Bonfire party in light rain. Around the campfire, have a beer, a cake, a Roasted Whole Lamb, to ask that, laughing. Although the temperature dropped in the night, accompanied by light rain, but the greetings between peers, laughter enough to warm the heart, lit hope! A dangerous situation disrupted the original plan, but can not stop their footsteps. They are desert fish, very strong vitality, a strong ability to adapt, even if it is difficult, and never bow, the courage to challenge the unknown, it is impossible to challenge everything. Through the vast Gobi, sisters and brothers! Nurturing, Yi Road, do not abandon, do not give up. Is a companion, is a comrade in arms, is a brother, just three days of Ge line, but the harvest of a lifetime of brotherhood, friends of friendship. A person can walk quickly, a group of people can go farther. Walk every step of the way, all cannot do without the support and cooperation, team stay forever this way, alongside the common experience of training and enhance the spirit! The wind and rain, persistent and fearless, indomitable, toward the end point of victory. Do not underestimate the power of this land, not to underestimate their potential. Buweijianxian, go all out to join sprint end point! All emotions at this moment completely released, is excited, is joy, is moved, but also from the heart of self affirmation. Through Gobi, through the desert, on the road, has been challenging. On the way to meet with the new self, life has been transformed or sublimated. The closing ceremony, the group leader Lin Weidong, Raymond Lam, Zhou total three people at the same time cut Roasted Whole Lamb, meaning Sanyangkaitai, good luck. Through the vast Gobi, refreshing the life, self recognition. Hustle and bustle of the city, often let us depressed, anxious, at a loss, I do not know why, I do not know how to arrive. In the remote and vast Gobi, far from the modern civilization, in the most difficult, the most desolate way, the most primitive way of walking, with the nature of dialogue, dialogue with the self,!相关的主题文章: