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Yunnan Ninger war out of poverty: "poverty alleviation red" incentive "morale" – in the new network, Ninger locally grown pepper. Zhong Xin photo Beijing Pu’er on 11 November, (Miu Chao) in the evening, it was getting dark, Xiong Kebing "top" drizzle, just picked more than 80 kilograms of pepper bag, turned the car of carry on motorcycle. At this time, a car sent to the truck in Kunming Ninger County town of the edge of Mohei zone of high quality agricultural products association and waited for him at the door. Association president Bai Jingbo urged the door, young people will be filled with half a warehouse near 100 xiaomila one bag weighing, loading in the rain. These newly picked peppers, mostly poor families around the village to the association, and now the market price of 4 yuan per kilogram of the acquisition price is the lowest, still can bring nearly ten million yuan income for poor households." Bai Jingbo said. Recently, the reporter visited the Yunnan Ning’er Hani and Yi Autonomous County, understand the local industrial poverty alleviation policy. Ninger county is one of the 12 counties of Yunnan province in 2016 the first batch of paper at the end facing poverty out of poverty, acceptance. In order to be "out of poverty Zhaimao, Ninger change the traditional" blood transfusion "poverty alleviation" blood type poverty, poverty alleviation and development of organic industry will Zhaimao together, formulated the "311" industrial policies. "311": to promote the development of poor households filing riser poverty industry enterprises, enterprises support by the driving population 3000 yuan per capita standard given; development of the industrial organization of poor farmers professional cooperatives, to support poverty per capita 1000 yuan to 1000 yuan per capita; give material rewards for good development of the poor farmers. This year, Bai Jingbo’s Agricultural Products Association under the enterprises in the "311" policy support, and local Ninger including Xiong Kebing, 93 households, poor households filing riser signed an agreement, driven by poor households planting 244 acres of capsicum, and provide technical training for them to film seedling, fertilizer, support. Finally, the bear Kebing motorcycle "beep" whistle stop in association with door, shoes and trousers covered with mud, wet skirts, but behind the pepper with rain, more attractive". That is too heavy, association staff 360 yuan on the spot will be delivered to the hands of Xiong Kebing, he laughed to help car careless dress. Xiong Kebing planted 3 acres of Chaotian capsicum this year, has picked a ton of Shanghai Association, which only accounts for half of all production, is expected to only a xiaomila million on revenue this year will be able to. "My income can be more than this, a few red coffee in the world can make money." Until the end of the year, Kebing bears a family of four to get rid of poverty and development situation is good, bears will be "311 grams of the military government policy of 1000 yuan per capita material rewards. At present, Ninger county a total of 24 leading enterprises to participate in the drive 73 cooperatives boost 9034 participatory poverty. The financial investment industry start gold 23 million yuan, leading enterprises to invest 16 million yuan, through the industrial support fund leveraging, formed the leading enterprises, professional cooperative organization, poor linkage initiative, long-term cooperation and sustainable development of the industry pattern. (end)相关的主题文章: