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Zong Ning: Crazy live 2 billion Hao President Zhang Hongtao pulled the banner of live entertainment in one – Sohu Technology Group (Youku potatoes) flag down crazy Live president Zhang Hongtao with a resounding nickname, called the 2 billion President hao. It is said to come out of the live broadcast of 2 billion will be broadcast on the variety show production, make the first broadcast of the live broadcast platform, and now, after several programs aired, triggering a great response. In the broadcast into the homogenization of today, the vertical field is very noteworthy breakthrough. Play or watch, live in different Youku business groups, there are two broadcast platform, one is Youku broadcast, is a crazy live, two completely different broadcast platform positioning, a deep look shallow hit play, the other is a shallow deep play. What do you mean? It is said that Youku is very early, has been reported to live as the core, is very different and we are talking to anchor as the core of the broadcast, more like a media attribute. The crazy broadcast is the main deep play shallow look, with the user interaction as the core, the flagship of the national comprehensive entertainment live, UPGC and small programs focus on the interactive sense of interaction and community. The effective complement of the two, creating Youku broadcast system. According to Zhang Hongtao’s judgment, red net anchor type live is not a long-term direction, still need to live more in line with the characteristics of outstanding content platform, so that the entertainment is certainly a very important direction. So crazy is the main comprehensive live entertainment, in order to make more excellent program, launched a crazy crazy fire plan, is expected to come up with 2 billion in three years for the 100 or so content production company, the system or the system and other forms of cooperation, launched 500 stalls and more interactive entertainment. At present, the cooperation with the production company to cooperate with the boss, I would like to "bomb experts", "surprise Road," and so on. Red Net live is the future of comprehensive entertainment live? Live hot actually from the front line to show the mobile, because this field is also very mature show online, so in the process of moving in huge volume. This is also what we generally say that the network of red anchor class live, in these live, there is an ordinary grassroots network live red, the basic is to sing jump type, there are vertical areas of the live broadcast, such as live games. There are some strange live we don’t say. With more and more of the live broadcast platform, more and more network red, the threshold is very low and popular talent show began to appear bottleneck, users have begun to have a lot of loss, how to go in the future, each are exploring. In fact, live entertainment is a more comprehensive trend is obvious, because only the program on the production of professional and upgrade, in order to attract more attention of ordinary users, and other platforms to produce differentiation. This is also the beginning of a number of platforms in the direction of the transition, but crazy is just one up on this set for their own direction. This position is very accurate, especially with the support of the crazy fire program, mature programs, regardless of quantity or quality, have reached a very satisfactory level. In fact, the production of integrated entertainment is still quite a threshold, the reason to be crazy.相关的主题文章: