01Gaming players halal remarks were exposed to marine fire|Gaming players halal remarks were exposed to marine fire2

Gaming players "halal" remarks were exposed to marine fire presumably when we play the game is emotional, especially in some confrontational sports games, so it is common to burst foul language, but saying "no don’t die", the "StarCraft 2" players "Guru" of the story you enough learn a lesson. Cybersports players speak halal corps "Guru" fired Szymon Nieciag is a sponsor of the Poland gaming players, belonging to the True Esport team, in a game yesterday, he played a word "I hate Muslims" directly on the public screen, there is no sign of this sentence let all the audience in the eyes that is to let his teammates feel so thoroughly discredited, later in the True Esport team immediately issued tweets to clarify: Guru wanton comments on his own team, did not agree with his views, and he has been expelled from the team. Cybersports players not speak it is expelled from the Muslim clan word ruin model, either in game or reality, everyone should respect other people’s ethnicity and religion, equality. (source: gamersky editor: WB) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

41[figure] the sale of 7.49-10.19 million yuan geely vision SUV officially listed – Sohu automobile|[figure] the sale of 7.49-10.19 million yuan geely vision SUV officially listed – Sohu automobile6

[map] the sale of 7.49-10.19 million yuan geely vision SUV officially listed Sohu automobile Sohu [new car]2016 August 28th, Geely official announced that its vision of SUV officially listed, launched a total of 6 models, the price range of 7.49 yuan to 101 thousand and 900 yuan. In addition, the manufacturers also subsidize 3000 yuan for 1.8L models, the actual price of 7.19-10.19 million users pay. Vision SUV Geely GX7 as a successor model, the appearance of the family into the latest design language, while the interior color and layout more young fashion, and the use of a new naming. The new car positioned below 100 thousand yuan consumption range, and at the same time, the Bo imperial GS to form a triangular offensive against common compact SUV market.      ? [scene picture director Yang Xueliang of Geely Automobile Group Public Relations speech]          ? Announced price;  ? Models detailed appearance: geely vision SUV front face with grid Geely new family rippling in design, headlights on both sides of the built-in LED daytime driving lights overall, the combination of the new car in front of more stereo. Tail, the vision is a continuation of the basic SUV Geely GX7 design. Interior: geely vision SUV interior overall outline and there is not much adjustment, but in the material material, new car uses a lot of soft material, and a new three spoke steering wheel and a new shift rod shape, the new car interior looks more stylish atmosphere. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a new 9 inch LCD display, in addition to conventional multimedia, it also supports navigation, Bluetooth phone and mobile mapping. In addition, Geely also designed a new control button to operate the screen. Configuration: SUV vision of the whole system will be standard Aluminum Alloy hub, LED daytime running lights, dual airbags, leather seats, electric sunroof, 9 inch large screen control, navigation, mobile phone mapping, reverse image, ESP vehicle stability system, upslope auxiliary, descent, brake assist, cruise control etc.. With models will increase the driver’s seat side airbags, electric control, heating, 360° panoramic image configuration. Power: geely vision SUV will be equipped with 1.8L or 1.3T two engines, which 1.3T engine maximum output power of 133 horsepower. The transmission system is matched with the 1.8L engine, which is a 5 speed manual gearbox, which is matched with the 1.3T engine with a CVT gearbox. Summary: SUV GX7 vision let Geely who has been guarding the SUV market veteran to join the product sequence with a new identity and auspicious appearance, family style new more elegant, rich configuration and excellent workmanship make the price further enhance. The intrinsic aspects of dynamic combination of vision SUV equipped with 1.3T+CVT more efficient, chassis comfort is also better than the overall driving quality models have obvious change. But as a tight